Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I walked down to the Farmer's Market with Teresa and Jeremy today. It's getting late in the season and there are only a couple of weeks left for it. The vegetables and fruit are somewhat dwindling though. I did pick up a nice green pepper, some more kick-butt salsa and some homemade pasta. The pasta will work nice to make a little side dish for some meals.

Then, Jeremy and Kavan came over for Wii Bowling night although we wound up just watching a movie. It was a good evening though and we had some fun.

Thursday should be fun. We get to have an additional casual day at work and they're having the Seafoam 880 at lunch along with a cookout. The Seafoam 880 is where teams of 4 ride a small child's bike around the Horace Mann plaza. It sounds dumb but ohmygosh, it's hilarious and fun to watch. I could never do it and am a little jealous of those who can ride those bikes. It should be a good time and supposed to be a nice day weather-wise.

T-Minus: 4 days

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