Sunday, September 19, 2010


All in all today was a good eating day. Had my normal Sunday breakfast and then a bowl of chili for lunch and topped it off with a NY strip steak with a small baked potato with salsa for dinner. For a little after dinner treat, I had a small scoop of orange sherbet and lime sherbet. Very tasty and extremely refreshing.

But, my Cowboys suck. Totally, totally suck. They lost today to the Chicago Bears. And you know what? The Bears deserved to win and beat the heck of Dallas. Congrats to the Bears and to Ben Wagens, to whom I now owe a lunch. I can't believe that I'm starting out this year losing the little game bets I make with some friends. My luck has been pretty horrible. I might as well just give Stephanie Fuller money for the bet we've already made on the Cowboys-Colts game later this year. Jeez!

I rode the exercise bike today while watching the game so I'm glad I accomplished that. Other than what's happened with football, I've had a nice day and a good day with my eating. I'm still working hard and keeping my head up. I'm really hoping for a good week weight loss tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed that I pull a good number tomorrow. I know I'm working hard for it and I hope it shows in the numbers in the morning.

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Jason said...

Hey, Sure Money Melton, is it too early to bet on the Lions/Cowboys game?!