Monday, September 27, 2010

I Went Out Walking...

...with a Bible and a gun. Wait, that's a U2/Johnny Cash song. Where did that come from? Anyways, thanks to everyone for the congrats on the weight loss. It makes me feel good to know people are out there reading and caring about my success. I know a couple of people have said that I have inspired them to try to lose some weight too and eat better and I hope that I can support them the way you have all supported me. It's more appreciated than I could really put into words.

I did go walking today with someone who enjoys being mentioned in the blog so here is your moment......TERESA!!! All I can say when she asks me to go for a walk is "Yes Drill Sergeant!" She knows what that means, she's funny. We went for a walk that was about 1.4 miles. It was a beautiful day out there and it was a nice trek around downtown Springfield. It's been a good day and I hope I sleep well tonight.

T-Minus: 6 days

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