Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Pants have always been a struggle for me. I know that might sound kinda dumb but pants just seem to be tight on me. I'm big with a large waist and fat thighs. Some pants have just never really fit me right. I've normally had to buy a little larger just b/c of my legs. Tonight I decided to be daring and try on some pants that have been hanging in my closet, un-worn, for quite awhile. At one point I fit into these but that's been probably 9 months ago or more. These are pants that are 2 sizes smaller than my current pants.....THEY FIT!!!! AND, they fit pretty comfortably. What a great feeling!

I don't want to steer you wrong, all of my pants are from a big and tall store and have the side extenders on them so they actually go out further from the listed size. But, I haven't been able to put these on and button them in awhile. I got up to a pretty large pant size that I'm not too proud of but I'm working my way down. I'm very excited by this and with a load of laundry this weekend, I'm going to start wearing these pants to work next week. It'll just be something extra that I can feel good about, just a tangible benefit and one step closer to being able to wear even more clothes that have just been folded up or hanging in my closet for months or years. One more step. I'm pretty proud and pretty happy tonight....pretty proud.

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Jason said...

Getting into old clothes that haven't fit for a long time, yet you've not thrown away for some reason -- that's an awesome feeling! Good for you!