Friday, September 10, 2010

A Better Day

Today went better and more smoothly. I'm not sure what really set it off but it was a pretty difficult evening. BUT, I have some great friends who are very supportive that I appreciate and some great parents. Thanks for the email Mom, it meant alot! Love you and Dad both alot!

I'm not saying that today was some type of cakewalk but I never really felt like going over the deep end. It's definitely not a time to believe that things are going to be easy but I hope that things will now smooth out. This is gonna be a good weekend, I can feel it. I'm hopeful and holding strong and keeping my head up. I have no reason to hang my head in any shame because while things got bad, I still kept on course.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back to stupid jokes and stories about killing bugs and things. HAHA!

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