Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Little Fishy

Tonight for dinner I had a swordfish steak. It was really, really good. Other than that, I did have a pretty good day. My legs aren't killing me although they are a little stiff. I've tried to stretch out all day and it is helping. The weather was just beautiful out again and I did go out to a few places to run some errands.

I'm watching Mad Men....dang this is an excellent show. What an episode! I'm planning on going for a walk tomorrow. I might not walk the Wabash Trail the whole way but I am going to go out for another walk to stretch out my legs...I really need it.

Hopefully I've lost a couple of pounds when I weigh in tomorrow. I really want to get to 50 pounds lost but I know that is still a few weeks away. I'll be really happy when I get there.

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