Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bug Killer

There was a bad side effect of eating a lot of fresh produce this past weekend. I had to throw away a few things that had gone bad....some green beans, what was left of a head of lettuce and some other items. Nothing major but was just time to rotate things out and get new fruits and vegetables. Anyways, there was evidently something yummy in my garbage can because when I went to throw things away, I got a bunch of little gnats/flies/whatever. They were flying all over! Just ticked me off and me with no bug spray. Well, I got some spray and then I tricked them...yep, I have more brain power than gnats/flies/whatever. I know that will shock many of you who know me but it's true, it's true!

So, I got a new cantaloupe tonight and threw away the rind and some old cantaloupe into a smaller garbage can that I would take out tonight. BUT, I let it sit out for a little while. I came back to it with my bug spray and they were all over it. The trap had been set and it had delivered. I sprayed all over and killed most, if not all, of those little bastards. BRAD 1, GNATS/FLIES/WHATEVER 0!!!!

As you can probably tell, my day was fairly boring and this served as a welcome victory in a day of stupid mistakes. Eating was fine and did a lap and a half around the building on a short afternoon break with my buddy Teresa(see, walk with me and you'll get a shout-out!).

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Jason said...

Wow, so many directions to take this one. I'll say nothing at all.