Monday, August 30, 2010

Drafting Is Over!

I went to my 4th and final Fantasy Football Draft tonight. I love my leagues and the competition because I love football. But I am glad when my drafts are all over. Now I can just settle in and hope none of my players gets hurt.

We had our draft at Godfather's Pizza. I did have the buffet for dinner. I had a small salad, two slices of pizza, one breadstick, one quesadilla triangle and a little spoonful of pasta. It's not an ideal dinner but I really did hold myself in check and was full after what I had. It was really good and I felt good that I was able to control myself. My friend Jeremy was there to help me out and be my secondary "conscience" but it really wasn't necessary. I do thank him for being there to help me out if I had needed someone to pull me back in from the edge.

Overall I did have a good day and still stayed under 2000 calories so that was important to me. I'm down 40 pounds and still have about...well, about 200 pounds to go and lose. It's a long way but I keep just trying to look at it in 20-pound increments. It just doesn't seem too big a thing then, even though it's a long way off. I'm just continuing to battle and keep up the good fight.

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