Thursday, August 12, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese

So today I'm at work and talking to my friend Stephanie when she starts telling me about some FABULOUS macaroni and cheese at a place here in downtown Springfield. She described it as bowtie pasta, bacon, some pulled pork and with some pepperjack cheese. Mmmmmmm....sounds delicious. BUT, not something I really needed to hear. I mean, come on! Help me out here!! HAHA! Just kidding Steph, it sounded good and I'm fine with you describing it. It did sound really, really good.

It was a good day today but extremely hot again. We have some outing tomorrow at work and holy schnikes it's gonna be hot. At least we can wear shorts all day so that'll be nice. They haven't given us "Shorts Fridays" in August this year which has been surprising. In the past it seemed like each year Fridays in August were the coolest day of the week but this year they've been really hot.

Took last night off from riding the bike but gonna ride it again tonight. I've been doing 20 minutes a night with increasing resistance. I'm trying to ride the same distance with each of these resistances so I'm actually working harder to do that. Trying to build up some strength. There's some football on tonight so I'll be watching that riding along. As soon as it cools down I'll start adding in some walks too.

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