Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sometime Soon...Well Maybe Not That Soon

Sitting in my bedroom, putting away some laundry I looked at my closet which had one door open. It still amazes me the amount of clothes I have that are too small. In my closet alone, I have 7 plastic containers filled with polo shirts, t-shirts, pants and shorts that are not my current size. There are another 2 containers, of the same size as the ones in the closet, that are under my bed. These aren't the really big containers but you can still fit quite a bit in them. I also have things hanging in my closet that do not fit me.

Most of the clothes were bought 3 years ago when I was 160 pounds lighter than I am now. I hope to one day get back to that weight so that these clothes can be utilized. One thing that really stinks about being overweight is the price of clothes. I know it takes more material to make them and all of that, but some of the prices are just soooooo much higher than those of "normal" sized folks. That's why I have these containers...when I was down at that size, I was buying a bunch because everything was cheaper and just seemed like such a good value to me.

Unfortunately many of those items were never worn or barely worn. I know I could donate them but I'm using them as some motivation. There were some things in there I really liked and I would really like to be able to get back into some of the jeans and pants I had. I had a pair of cargo pants that I bought that I loved but only got to wear maybe 3 times. Those were some comfortable pants.

And trust me, it'll be posted on here when....and notice I say 'when' and NOT 'if'....I'm able to wear these things. It's gonna take awhile but every size I go down will lead me one step closer to these clothes and one step closer to a healthier me and that is really one of the best outcomes I can have from this journey.

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