Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wait....That's Blackberry Pie!

It was a nice day outside today but I attended a funeral today. It was my first one in 7 years and I hope to not have to go to another anytime soon. The whole thing was very well done and quite a tribute to Leaan's husband, Brad. It was impressive and a fitting celebration of his life. He will be missed.

I still ate in moderation even though I didn't really want to eat very well. I wanted to eat more because I was sad but I did not. The luncheon was good and there was a lot of good food and desserts. Just anything you'd really ever want. I did not have a whole lot though.

I decided to have a piece of pie for dessert. I was going to grab a piece of peach pie but all those slices were pretty large and I was only looking for a small one. Well, I saw a small piece that looked like blueberry and picked it up. After one bite though, I had a big wasn't blueberry, it was blackberry! Now, this may not sound like much but I'm not a huge fan of blackberry pie. It's okay but I get the little seeds stuck in my teeth. I could've gotten a different piece but I didn't just want to waste this pie so I ate half of it. It was good but just not what I was looking for. I rolled the dice on that piece of pie and unfortunately lost.

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