Monday, August 9, 2010

The Suggestion Box

Well, it's another Monday and I'm entering my 4th week of this life change. So far I have to say it's gone pretty steady and pretty well. My support system has been wonderful and this blog has been interesting to maintain and I feel a sense of responsibility to post each night and keep doing well because I know I'm getting a ton of good thoughts, good vibes and I might even pick up the faintest hint of a good vibration. Not sure about that one but I think so.

I'm here to ask all of you for a little help with the blog tonight. I've heard some suggestions from people about what they would like to see on here, things they'd like to know or just generaly things they're curious about as they pertain to my life and formerly tragically awful eating habits. The week of fast food orders came from a suggestion and I'm looking for more. These are a couple that I have so far:

What would I eat throughout a normal or average work weekday and then a weekend day?
How much money would I spend a week on food or, how much am I saving now?
Why would I eat what I would eat?

Those are some suggestions but I'm looking for more. I'm not saying I'm going to do every suggestion...depends on the exact nature of the request. I'm also not saying they'll be done right away, some may be a little harder to answer than others. The ones I have listed above will be answered but they take a little bit of time to answer, especially that third one.

So, if there's ever been anything you've wanted to ask me or just any fat person in general but were afraid to ask, here's your chance. You can either just post it in the comments section or, just send me an email at: I'll respond and let you know my feelings on the subject and then there'll be a blog post.

Looking forward to some thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks!


Jason said...

We haven't officially kept track, but something we've noticed is something you mentioned - how much money you're spending. We're eating less food, but we're spending more money on the food that we buy because it's better quality. The lean meats, less processed stuff, it all costs more. In the end, it's roughly a wash. I guess that's more of a personal observation from our end than a suggestion or question, but there it is anyway.

Jason said...

Something else I was thinking of spurred by one of your comments. Although you've got me paying more attention to the balance of calorie type I'm eating every day, I generally haven't been counting much of anything whether it be calories, carbs, etc. What I've tried to listen to is just whether I've been truly hungry, only eating when I'm truly hungry, and only eating until I'm NOT truly hungry anymore (which is different than eating until I'm full). That said, I've been amazed at the quantity of food I no longer eat, while still being satisfied. Same with certain types of food. I was a sucker for cheese and salad dressing and peanut butter and pop. Now I don't really eat any of that and I really don't miss it or even give it a second thought. I was curious if you're finding the same thing. Sure, there are tougher days where certain things look good and I give in because I suck, but generally that's not been a huge issue.

Brad said...

Jason, I have noticed that it costs me a little more on groceries so it evens it a little but I was spending so much between extra money for lunch and all the fast food/pizza that I'm definitely coming out ahead. I will be posting about how much I'm not spending a week on crap b/c it's actually quite a bit.

Jason said...

That's a great point about the fast food. It's crazy expensive relative to what you prepare on your own, and even less when you consider the quantity you're now eating.