Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Dad Broke Something Again

A few years ago I had a desk chair that I loved. It was high-back mesh chair that was originally something like $150. I got the floor model on clearance for about $60 so that was a pretty good deal. I'd had it for about 7 years and it was the most comfortable desk chair I'd ever sat in. WELL, about 2 years ago or so my folks came down and my dad sat in it and I don't know what happened but it broke 2 days later. He had commented while he was sitting in it that it felt strange. I blame him for the death of my chair.

The reason I tell you this folks came down last weekend and my dad commented on how old my air conditioner at the apartment was and that he was surprised it was still running. I had never had a problem with it. Guess what happened??? Today, my air conditioner died. D-E-A-D. And it's HOT outside!! It's being replaced with a new unit tomorrow morning so that'll be nice. I just wonder what my dad will break next.......

Well, maybe all this sweating will get off a half-pound or something. HAHA! I have fans so that's good but it should be an interesting evening. It's just one night and it has cooled off a little from earlier in the week so those are the "good" points. Yep, yep, yep, going to keep looking on the bright side.


Jason said...

You could be a bit more objective and tell us the story of when you took your dad's mower and ran over a huge rock or a fire hydrant or whatever it was.

Brad said...

While that is true, it was a water cap thing by a hydrant by the way, I chalk that up to youthful indiscretion. I really didn't want to get out the weedeater so I blame the grass.