Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a Birthday Feast!

Today was my friend Teresa's birthday. Happy Birthday Teresa! Anways, there was a LOT of food brought in for her. There was delicious Death By Chocolate dessert, an Angel Food/Cherry/Pudding dessert, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, chips, dips and a cheese tray. I brought in the cheese tray. Of all of it, I had 6 little cheese cubes. They were good and a nice little treat.

Now, in the past I'm not sure how much I would have eaten. It's not that I ever took a whole lot at one time but I would just keep walking back there and picking up one of this, one of that, two of those and big scoops of cake and Death by Chocolate. It's all so delicious and I wouldn't have passed by that stuff once without picking up something. That was all something I did to hide how much I was eating. No one would ever see me with much but most would see me through the day with something.

I know I did these things because I was ashamed of how much I was eating but just couldn't seem to help myself. I always wanted more. Even if I was full, I would eat more. If I just would eat fast enough, my mind and body had a hard time keeping up with the consumption so the amounts would just add up and who knows how much I would eat. Well......too much was how much I had and there's absolutely no disputing that. It's a behavior I'm working on and trying really hard to change. It's going successfully and by all that is in me, it's going continue going successfully.

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