Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot Outing

We had our P&C Divisional "Outing" today. It's the one where we go to a local school and do some community service. A couple of years ago we went and painted a map of the US on a playground and did some other work. Last year we organized a school library and did some landscaping work. We did that again this year at a school in downtown Springfield not far from the Mann. It was pretty fun and I won a $20 gift card so that was nice.

There was really limited parking so to get there and back, we had to ride school buses or walk. Well, Sherry Hidlebaugh and I decided to walk back when we were done with our stuff. It's about .85 miles so it's a little ways but dang it was hot again. It was a nice walk though and we had fun. I got to come home a little early as well.

There were some good things to eat but I kept myself in check. I did have a bratwurst and a hamburger but in the past I would've gone back for seconds but I didn't do that today. I had a nice salad with some canned salmon on it for dinner which was nice.

Well, it's beginning to look like a nice thunderstorm here with a whole boatload of lightning. Looks pretty sweet across the sky. Lets hope the power doesn't go out.

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