Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Night

My last night before 2 busy days. Tomorrow night I have poker so I have to eat right when I get home so that I don't eat anything there. We really don't have much food anymore at poker but still want to be on the safe side. Then on Saturday, I have 2 Fantasy football drafts. One of them I can do at home on the internet so that's really nice but the other one will be at Buffalo Wild Wings. Now, I LOVE boneless hot wings. I really enjoy the regular hot wings but the boneless ones are fabulous. The problem is, hot wings and wings in general are not that good for you. The boneless ones at most places are especially bad for some reason.

So Buffalo Wild Wings, as much as I love you, you will not defeat me! We don't draft until 2:00 so I will be having lunch here at home before I go so I can stay away from all of those other things that aren't good for me. I'll stick with water and believe in myself to stay away.

There won't be a post tomorrow night or else it'll be REALLY late after poker. We'll just have to see. I got in one lap today around the building just because I didn't have a bunch of time but I'm hoping to get in some laps tomorrow so that's a goal for tomorrow. It's been so beautiful out and I'm loving having the windows open at night. Just wonderful and it also reinforces that football is right around the corner. Huzzah!!!!

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