Monday, August 16, 2010

Things Are Getting Fixed

It's been a good day today. I lost some more weight over this past week and I'm happy about that. I need to get the pounds lost per week higher but just losing a few pounds every week is great and something more to build on. I got my new air conditioner installed today, turned in my faulty HD DVR boxes to get some new ones and dropped my laptop off to get it tuned up and upgraded with some new RAM and larger hard drive.

The one bad thing is I have to get my iPhone fixed/replaced and I need to drive to St. Louis to the Apple Store. I have to go down there tomorrow night so I'm not sure if there will be an update tomorrow night. If there is, it'll be late. Since I have to go to the StL Galleria, I'll probably do a little walking around so that'll be good.

I'm feeling really great about how things are going right now though. I'm pretty proud of myself for how I've done and where I see myself heading. I'm staying strong and keeping my eyes focused on looking forward and not falling into the same traps I have fallen into in the past. I'm not letting some people get me down and staying positive. I'm excited about things and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. I've done well in this past month but this next 30 days is about kicking some more butt and doing even better.

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