Sunday, August 29, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a good day but I know there wasn't an evening post. I was too down from my 7:00 draft which did not go that well in my opinion and watching the Cowboys suck it up against the Texans. My first draft went really well, I think, so I'm happy about that. 3 FFL drafts down, 1 to go. Football season just can't get here soon enough.

Well, with all the poker and drafts, today I'm working on a few things like laundry and cleaning up around here and some other various odds and ends. My eating was good yesterday, I didn't have anything but water at Buffalo Wild Wings which was tough because Jeremy had an appetizer platter that looked really good along with various other items that other league members had. It's good though for me to be able to be around others eating things I would enjoy though and still being able to resist. It's tough sometimes to not have it but worth it for now in the long run. At some point in the distant future it'll be okay for me to have some wings again but that time is definitely not right now.

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